Recruitment Surgery

Ensuring Your Success in Talent Acquisition



Companies that are hiring successfully recognise that recruiting today is a tough job. They understand that through innovation, the right tools and technology, slick recruitment processes and passionate, high performing recruiters providing a best in class candidate experience, they’ll be the company in their industry that every candidate wants to work. They’ll be successful at attracting and hiring the best talent to their organisation.


What do We Do?

Put simply, we help you achieve greater success in hiring talent. We recognise that there isn’t a ‘one size fits all service’ so we consult with you to help you understand the right strategy, process and tools for your business needs, creating cost effective and efficient recruiting functions that deliver the most important ROI – people.


How do we do it?

Through our Recruitment Surgery we have adopted the approach taken by most doctors when visited by their patients – Examination, Prescription, Treatment & Follow Up



We consult with you to understand your real needs, and determin what the real pain points are.
We take a look at your strategy. processes, systems tools and people to build a holistic view of the current situation.



We’ll present the findings of our examination to you and provide you with a range of solutions which might include;
changes in process, systems, training and development of team members or perhaps even building / rebuilding
your recruitment function, dependent on the results of the findings.



You can rely on our experience to guide you through the course of actions required alternatively you can choose to carry out any changes or improvements yourselves.


Follow Up

Your future success in recruitment is our ultimate goal. We will regularly follow up with you post implementation of any solution, to ensure that your expectations have been met and there are
measurable results to show your ROI.


How We Can Help You

We don’t just claim to be experts; we have real life experience in the following:

  • Building internal recruitment teams
  • Centralisation, decentralisation, insourcing, outsourcing
  • Implementation of internal recruitment profit centres
  • Defining performance metrics & implementing SMART KPI’s
  • Recruitment process review, engineering/re-engineering & implementation
  • Applicant tracking systems & recruitment tools review, selection and implementation
  • Customised recruitment training workshops based on your needs

If you need a recruitment health-check or you want to talk to us about customised solutions for your organisation, contact us today on +420727820760 or email us on