The Recruitment Surgery

Enhancing Your Success in Talent Acquisition

We help you understand and implement the right tools, processes and strategy for your business needs,  creating cost effective & efficient recruiting functions through our Recruitment Surgery‘.

Our main areas of focus are:

  • Building internal recruitment teams, including hiring recruitment specialists
  • Centralisation, decentralisation, insourcing, outsourcing
  • Implementation of internal recruitment profit centres
  • Defining performance metrics & implementing SMART KPI’s
  • Recruitment process review, engineering/re-engineering & implementation
  • Applicant tracking systems & recruitment tools review, selection and implementation

You’re probably wondering why we call the service ‘The Recruitment Surgery’. Well quite simply, we’ve adopted the approach taken by most doctors when patients visit them – Examination, Prescription, Treatment, Follow Up (EPTF).

Our process involves:


In the examination stage we’ll be focused on identifying your recruitment needs and determining solutions to business problems. Dependent on the assignment you give us, we will investigate your strategy, planning, processes, systems, tools and people, taking a holistic view of the situation.


We’ll present the findings of our examination to you and then through further consultation with you, provide you with a range of solutions which might include; changes in process, systems, training and development of team members or perhaps even building / re-building your recruitment function, dependent on the results of the findings.


Dependent on the level of support you require, you can choose to carry out any changes or improvements yourselves or, you can rely on our experience in change management to guide you through the course of actions required.

Follow Up

Of course your future success in recruitment is our ultimate goal. If you take advantage of our recruitment surgery, we will regularly follow up with you post implementation of any solution, to ensure that your expectations have been met and there are measurable results in the success of your recruiting.