Recruitment Essentials for SME’s and Start Up Organistions

Recruitment Essentials for SME’s and Start Up Organistion

Recruitment Essentials

Quite often, small to medium enterprises and start-up organisations do not have the luxury of having their own in-house HR and Recruitment team. Job descriptions, recruitment, hiring and on-boarding is quite often led by the direct manager or the business leaders, so it’s no surprise that with so much going on, things can go wrong.

Learn how to do recruitment successfully yourselves with our ‘Recruitment Essentials’ workshop.

About the Workshop:

The workshop is designed especially for SME and Start-up Organisations who want  to understand how to be successful in attracting and hiring international talent.With a strong emphasis on managing the entire recruitment process from A-Z and ensuring a great candidate experience, the workshop will help you design a process that best fits your needs. Held either in a central location in Prague, or onsite at your premises, the workshop takes place over a full day with places limited to 16 attendees.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to write attractive job descriptions that engage with your target audience and sell the opportunities you have
  • How to find and advertise to talent through multiple social networks and international advertising portals along with other potential sources
  • Best Practice Recruitment Process and On-Boarding tips, covering efficiency, information and communication exchange, induction & adaptation and maintaining relationships
  • Effective Interviews, encompassing telephone and face to face interviewing techniques and etiquette that help give the best candidate experiences enhancing your chances of success

If your company is looking for talent to help your business grow and you want the best chance to be successful in attracting and hiring the talent your business needs then click here to check the calendar of events and book your place(s) on one of our pre-arranged dates, or request your own exclusive workshop on your company premises