Our Commitment To You

The Value of Trust, Through an Open & Honest Service

People Matter has many years experience in both small and large, international environments and is perfectly placed to provide expert advice and guidance, as well as consulting and recruitment services across the CEE region.

We’re a small organisation, which means we are very aware of our limitations, so we’re not going to over commit ourselves to you. We’d rather provide a quality service and if the results are good and you want us to provide more, then we’ll consider hiring and training new consultants who will be able to continue the good work we’ve done already.

You’ll receive an honest and straightforward service from us, if we can’t provide a service or we are struggling with service delivery, we’ll be honest with you and we’ll tell you. If the problem doesn’t lie with us, we’ll also tell you, even if it’s going to be painful to hear. Likewise, we’d like to get feedback from you too, it can only help build our relationship and help us perform even better.

We’re an organisation with a strong sense of how a good service and long lasting relationships go hand in hand together. Our focus emcompasses both old fashioned and new ways of delivering HR consulting and recruitment services and through our commitment to quality, honesty and integrity, we’ll get the job done.