Plastic Waste: the new European strategy


European Union
decides to start a new strategy for the reduction of plastic waste. According to their plan the results of this strategy will be investment opportunities and jobs, recyclable plastic packaging till 2030 and reduction in single-use plastic bags and microplastics. Under the new strategy, the European Union will:

Make recycling profitable for business

Curb plastic waste

Stop littering at sea

Drive investment and innovation

Spur change across the world

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Part-time jobs keep advancing

Focusing on Greece, it appears to be the only country with a 54.87 percent of hirings which were in the form of part-time or shift work. In order to face the crisis and find a way out from unemployment, people started compromising and choose part-time jobs. That is probably the only option they have right now but at least it seems like the best practice for unemployment decrease midterm. Read more here →

Looking for jobs after the crisis

619748-jobs-crisis-thinkstock-102617Brussels and EU capitals are trying to find more ways to empower employment while at the same time EU policymakers promote the Youth Employment Initiative and the Youth Guarantee Scheme so they can attract younger people. Are these efforts going to be successful? Read more here→

Czech companies face jobs skills mismatch as shortages become acute


An international recruitment company presents some views on employment In Czech Republic. In recent years some problems have arisen such as matching jobs with qualified people and keeping the candidates to a certain job position. Their mindsets are different from the past and they’re more willing to switch jobs. Furthermore, the current political situation outcomes more issues to employers when they want to attract talents. As the author describes, at this moment the Czech Republic is not open to talents. In addition, he predicts some vital changes in the relationship between employers and employees. To read more click here→

An interesting article on the Czech Republic’s low unemployment rate

Want to know why the Czech Republic has the lowest unemployment rate in Europe?

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