Part Time Recruitment Researchers x2 – Prague – January 2018

Location: Czech Republic
Category: Recruitment Consulting
Wanted! Part Time Professional Stalkers – January 2018!

We’re looking for 2 university students who would have fun getting paid for being professional stalkers (Recruitment Researchers).
The ideal candidates will generally be a bit weird, and will want to utilise all their skills gained from their experience in stalking friends….. and others….. in places like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
What you will do:
  • You’ll be searching online social networks and CV databases to stalk groups of talented professionals
  • You will initiate contact……..professionally, making potential candidates aware of the opportunities we have available
  • You’ll enjoy a flexible part time job that doesn’t involve selling alcohol to drunken monkeys at 2:00am, what could be better?
About you:
  • You’re nosey, highly energetic, enthusiastic and engaging
  • You like people…..a lot……really, a lot…..perhaps a little too much…..
About us:
  • We’re a mix of slightly eccentric English, Czech and Greek people with some pretty bad tastes in music that’s always on in the office.
  • We have free tea and coffee but we don’t do any of that healthy rubbish like free fruit Tuesdays, we’d rather go out to McDonalds or pop to the kebab shop.
  • We like people……
Contact us today for an initial conversation, if there’s a match, we’ll want to meet you in person…..
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