Full Life-Cycle Recruiter Workshop – Prague

11.12.2018 – 13.12.2018 all-day
To Be Confirmed
40,000czk p/person + VAT
Paul Myers
+420 727 820760



Recruiters today need to be highly effective in performing tasks that require a strong ability in both hard and soft skills. The best Business, HR and Talent Acquisition Leaders, recognise that having highly skilled recruiters is essential to their hiring success as an organisation, so they invest in the best training and development for their teams.


What do we do?

We help you achieve greater success in hiring talent by ensuring your recruiters have the best set of skills that are required to be a ‘Top Recruiter’. A full life-cycle recruiter (360⁰ Recruiter) does so much more than simply sourcing candidates through CV databases and online social/business networks. They add value to a company’s hiring efforts and are seen as a real asset to the business.

Our 3 day residential ‘Full Life-Cycle Recruiter Workshop’ will help your recruiters become top recruiters who deliver excellent results.


What Will Be Learnt?

We start the workshop with a session about ‘Effective Learning’ that breaks down any barriers to learning. Attendees will discover learning patterns and skills that deliver a better experience, and ensure learning and knowledge is retained, this is followed by:

  • Effective Learning
  • Business & Market Knowledge
  • Vacancy Briefings That Drive Successful Hiring
  • Sourcing & Recruitment Advertising
  • Communication and Empathy (incl. A Better Candidate Experience)
  • Needs Based / Consultative Selling (incl. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs)
  • Pre-closing & Closing and Objection Handling
  • Working with Recruitment Agencies
  • Effective Interviews & Ettiquette
  • Influencing the Hiring Decision & Objection Handling – Candidates & Hiring Managers
  • Prioritisation & Sense of Urgency


Follow Up

We want to ensure you get the best ROI so at no extra charge, following our training course, we will schedule a Recruitment health-check with you. We will discuss with you the impact of the training on your recruiters, what differences you have noticed in performance and results and if there’s any issues, what those issues are and what potential follow up may be required.