Custom Recruitment Training Workshops

Bespoke Solutions Designed to Match Your Needs



We recognise that there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution, so with this in mind we have developed our Custom Recruitment Training Workshops that can be delivered either externally or on site as per your requirements.

You can choose to mix and match from our full suite of training topics or, we can consult with you to understand your needs and the real needs of the team (which could include recruiters, HR professionals and hiring managers), to prescribe a customised training workshop relevant to your business, that will help your team develop their skills and become more effective, delivering better results.


Mix & Match Full Training Suite

  • Prioritisation
  • Sensse of Urgency
  • Needs Based / Consultative Selling
  • Objection Handling – Candidates
  • Objection Handling – Hiring Managers
  • Communication
  • Empathy
  • Resourcing / Sourcing
  • Business & Market Knowledge
  • Candidate Analysis
  • Influencing the hiring decision
  • Working with recruitment agencies
  • Vacancy Briefings that drive successful hiring
  • Effective Interviews
  • Interview Etiquette
  • Attracting & Hiring International Talent
  • Recruitment Essentials for SME & Start-Ups
  • Recruitment Leadership


Bespoke Solutions

All bespoke solutions require a consultative period through which we understand more about your business and needs which then enables us to deliver a solution that is customised to your business only.

We follow the principle of our Recruitment Surgery which is used in all of our consultations, examination, prescription, treatment and follow up:


We consult with you to understand your real needs, and determine what the real pain points are.
We take a look at your strategy. processes, systems tools and people to build a holistic view of the current situation.


We’ll present the findings of our examination to you and provide you with a range of solutions which might include; changes in process, systems, training and development of recruiters, HR professionals and hiring managers dependent on the results of the findings.


Once the prescription is approved we deliver the training workshops in person either onsite or offsite, based on your preferences. The training can be delivered over 1 or 2 days dependent on your preferences and the training content to be provided

Follow Up

Your future success in recruitment is our ultimate goal. We will regularly follow up with you post training, to ensure  that your expectations have been met and there are measurable results to show your ROI.