Consulting & Training

Helping You Succeed in Talent Acquisition



Companies that are hiring successfully have recognised that recruiting today is a tough job. They understand that through innovation, the right tools and technology, slick recruitment processes and well trained, high performing recruiters providing a best in class candidate experience, they’ll be the company in their industry that every candidate wants to work for.


The Recruitment Surgery

Put simply, we help you achieve greater success in hiring talent. We consult with you, understand your needs, creating cost effective and efficient solutions that deliver the right strategy, tools, processes and people for your business needs.

We don’t just claim to be experts; we have real life experience in the following:

  • Building internal recruitment teams
  • Centralisation, decentralisation, insourcing, outsourcing
  • Implementation of internal recruitment profit centres
  • Defining performance metrics & implementing SMART KPI’s
  • Recruitment process review, engineering/re-engineering & implementation
  • Applicant tracking systems & recruitment tools review, selection and implementation
  • Customised recruitment training workshops based on your needs

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Bespoke Recruitment Training Workshops

Designed exclusively for you and your team, we consult with you to understand your real needs, and deliver custom/bespoke workshops that result in you and your team becoming highly skilled in attracting, engaging and hiring talent

There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ solution as each business is unique with different needs. We’re able to prescribe a customised training workshop relevant to your team (which could include recruiters, HR professionals and hiring managers), helping them develop their skills and become more effective, delivering better results.

We’ve delivered training to international organisations across Europe and our broad experience combined with our unique approach, enables us provide engaging content that has an impact on attendees and delivers excellent results.

In addition to our bespoke recruitment training workshops, we also have a range of standard training modules from which you can pick and choose a number of topics to help increase your team’s capabilities.

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