Bite-Size Recruitment Workshops

Helping You To Attract & Hire Talent



We have designed a set of 1 day workshops that are for companies who recognise they have needs and want a general workshop that helps them understand the core principles of recruiting, recruitment leadership and communication skills. They’re designed help you implement successful recruitment processes, and set yourselves on a path to successful hiring with the following topics:


Recruitment Essentials for Start-Ups and SME’s

Quite often, small to medium enterprises and start-up organisations do not have the luxury of having their own in-house HR and Recruitment team. Job descriptions, recruitment, hiring and on-boarding is quite often led by the direct manager or the business leaders, so it’s no surprise that with so much going on, things can go wrong.

  • Attracting & Hiring International Talent
  • Recruitment Essentials


Recruitment Leadership

Good recruiters are often promoted into leadership roles based on their excellent performance and under the misconception that they’ll be a great recruitment lead because they can show others how it’s done. Many companies forget to take into account that leadership requires an extensive set of skills in people management and process ownership as well as the ability to lead by example.

Our Recruitment Leadership Workshop will enable either a newly promoted or experienced recruitment manager, lead an effective and high performing recruitment function, as they learn about:

  • People Management & Leadership
  • Recruitment Process Ownership
  • Recruitment Strategy incl. Business & Market Knowledge
  • Managing Expectations & Business Relationships


Communication & Consultative Sales Training

If you follow updates regarding recruitment consultants and internal recruiters on LinkedIn and other social networks or HR Magazines, you’ll soon see the single biggest complaint about them is their ability to communicate. That’s why we’ve developed a day focused purely on communication and consultative sales that will help your recruiters better understand candidates’ and hiring managers’ needs and realise the importance of communication at all steps of the recruitment process. They will learn:

  • Effective Communication Incl. Passive, Active, Empathetic and Facilitative Listening
  • Empathy and Rapport
  • Needs Based / Consultative Selling (incl. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs)


Custom Solutions

If you’re looking for something different, get in touch and tell us what you’re looking for. We’ll see if we can help by developing a custom solution that fits your needs and we can run half day, full day or even multiple sessions over a period of time, depending on the range of subjects to be covered.

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