About Us

About Us

We’re focused on building relationships and trust, understanding your needs and delivering a consulting and training service that exceeds your expectations. We combine our many years of successful experience in different international environments, to provide consulting and training & development solutions across a broad range of industries.


Paul Myers

Co-Founder and General Manager at People Matter, Paul is an experienced recruitment leader with 18+ years’ experience. He is an expert in recruitment strategy and process, training and development of recruiters, systems and tools, and he holds an exceptional track record of delivering high quality recruitment solutions for both large and small, international companies across the EMEA region. Paul is also a highly capable hands on recruiter who always keeps himself up to date with the newest trends and technologies, which enables him to provide a range of innovative and flexible sourcing solutions to companies needing his support.

Iain Pike

Co-Founder at People Matter, Iain is an experienced recruitment professional with many years’ experience in multilingual and IT recruitment within the Czech Republic and Central Europe. He has been successfully providing innovative consulting solutions to new companies entering the Czech Market helping them hire the talent they need to build and grow their business.

Pino Nicholson

Training Partner & Consultant at People Matter, Pino is an award winning recruitment and sales trainer, coach and mentor. He has many years’ experience in the training and development of recruiters at all levels. Pino has a proven track record in designing, developing and delivering training solutions, and staff development initiatives that enable organisations to grow. Notably Pino developed training and an employee development programme that saw an SME grow from just 12 to over 200 recruiters throughout Europe. Through the training, development and coaching Pino provides, your employees will be more motivated, driven to succeed and will perform better for you and your business.


We are confident in our ability to understand your needs, and help you develop ‘best in class’ recruitment strategies and practices. Our expert training and coaching will enable your team to attract, engage and hire the right talent for your business.